30 Page Nano Italian Wedding Book, 2 Parents Books etc Package only €1495.

Our focus is on people: wedding and portrait photography is what we do best. We love a good wedding! As a team of two photographers we work to capture two perspectives of your special day with many natural photographs.
In our studio and on location we shoot portraits, headshots, families, children and pets, along with events. We undertake interior, product, food, still life and other commercial photography assignments.
Working in professional photography for over 18 years, we are based in Wicklow Town, close to Dublin and the southeast. We travel throughout Ireland and wherever our cameras take us. If you need more information please ask. We would be delighted to meet you to discuss your requirements. We invite you to look at our portfolio and check to see if we are available to work with you.
Telephone : 0404 62211    Mobile : 086 2404008
Andrew & Kathrine Miller.

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Wedding Storybook Album Wicklow


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Package includes: Custom Wedding Book, Two Parents Books, a Studio Presentation Box, pictures on a USB flash drive, a large calendar and a Studio Portrait Voucher. Nano 30 Package, main book size closed : (20x30cm), 30 pages, €1495.

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"Thank you Andrew and Kathrine for the incredible job you did on our wedding photos. You helped capture so many precious moments that we will have forever. We are delighted with our decision in choosing you both as our photographers and would not hesitate in recommending you as a photographer for another couple".
Michael and Amy, Seafield Hotel.